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Our History

TLR Well Services, Inc. is a closely held Oklahoma USA Corporation, Larry and Sandi Odom own all stock. TLR Well Services, Inc. began in September of 1985, at Elk City, Oklahoma to compliment Triple L Rental, Inc., another closely held Oklahoma Corporation owned by Larry and Sandi Odom. Triple L Rental, Inc. emerged in March of 1979, at Elk City, Oklahoma from L & L Supply Company, a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Larry and Sandi Odom. L & L Supply Company originated in May 1976 in Elk City, Oklahoma. In 1990, all business relations transferred from Triple L Rental, Inc., to TLR Well Services, Inc.

Larry Odom began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1969. Odom served four years of active duty with the United States Air Force including a year of duty in Fan Yang, Viet Nam. He received an honorable discharge in January 1969 and immediately went to work for Cameron Iron Works in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Larry worked as a Field Representative, selling and servicing the wellhead equipment Cameron Iron manufactured. In 1971, Odom moved to Pampa, Texas to work with Glo Valve Services and Testing Company. Again, as a field serviceman, he worked with wellhead equipment, only emphasizing the servicing of this equipment. In 1973, Glo Valve transferred Odom to Elk City, Oklahoma to open a branch office in the Anadarko Basin. He continued with Glo Valve until 1976 when he quit starting L & L Supply Company.

L & L Supply Company began with servicing wellhead equipment and selling oilfield supplies. New services were added, as the demand and need arose. L & L Supply continued until March of 1979 when all assets were transferred into the newly formed Triple L Rental, Inc. In 1985 TLR Well Services, Inc. began, and then in 1990 all business relations transferred to TLR Well Services, Inc. Hereafter referred to as TLRWS.